“102 नॉट आउट” के लिए अमिताभ बच्चन – ऋषि कपूर बॉक्स ऑफिस पर छाए

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बॉक्स ऑफिस पर ‘102 नॉट आउट’ का दबदबा तीन दिन में की 16.65 करोड़ रुपये की कमाई  25-30 करोड़ है फिल्म का बजट Neeraj Barmecha : महानायक अमिताभ बच्चन और ऋषि कपूर स्टारर फिल्म “102  नॉट आउट”…

Priyanka Chopra invokes our TEENAGE DREAMS in this latest mag cover

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Priyanka Chopra as we all know is one of the biggest Bollywood actresses today. Winner of four Filmfare and one national award, PeeCee has always entertained and enthralled us with her mind-blowing performances on big screen.…

Fear Gave Her Courage-Neerja

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Sonam Kapoor plays Neerja, a 23-year-old who loves her job as a purser and also moonlights as a model. In spite of her glamorous profession, Neerja is a regular middle class girl from Chandigarh. There is…

Karan Johar Talks about Aishwarya Rai’s Character

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Karan Johar sat on his director’s chair again for his upcoming flick, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The movie has already created quite a buzz amongst movie buffs, as it boast the most versatile and popular ensemble…

These B-Tow Celebs Went Completely Crazy On This Holi

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Every festive season gets even more blingy because of our B-Town celebrities. The whole country gets even higher on fun. So, we were stalking some of these celebs to find out what they exactly did this…

This Celeb Went On A Liquid Diet, Look How She Looks Now.

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Lisa Haydon definitely has a body that a million girls will kill for. And quite recently, to get into the skin of her character in Santa Banta Pvt Ltd, went on a special diet so that…

LOOK! Richa Chadha Becomes Pro Cabaret Dancer!

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Richa Chadha is known for her unconventional roles in Bollywood. However in the year 2016, she has taken her versatility up a notch. The talented actress is portraying two completely opposite roles in her upcoming projects…

Has Baaghi Brought A spark Between Shraddha And Tiger?

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It is an unknown fact that Shraddha Kapoor is a certified scuba diver and the actress has done the sport many a times before on her vacations! However, this particular skill has come to Shraddha’s use…

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