‘Agar Biwi paas chahiye, to ghar mein sandas chahiye.’ – Akshay Kumar

The Transform Maharashtra event held in Mumbai, where Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar recommended converting old ISD/STD phone booths into mobile toilets across cities and rural areas of Maharashtra. Akshay said, “My next film Toilet Ek Prem Katha is based on the subject. There is one dialogue, I can share, ‘Agar Biwi paas chahiye, to ghar mein sandas chahiye.’ Translated, it means, “If you want your wife, then ensure there is a toilet in the house.”

                               Sharing his own experience based on interaction with women deprived of basic facilities, Akshay said, “The problem is mindset. There are sections which still feel comfortable going to fields and open spaces rather than toilets. But what they overlook is the inconvenience it causes to the women because of lack of toilets at home or in the vicinity.”

“Before the advent of mobile phones, we had ISD/STB booths at regular intervals. I was wondering can these be converted into mobile toilets,” he said. (COURTSEY : I.E.)

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