Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s courtship period is on full bloom

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya kept their relationship very private and confidential, until starting of this year, when Divyanka and Vivek announced their engagement.

Divyanka Vivek Engagement

Their love story has been very different. But, now the couple is flaunting their love and their romantic, lovey-dovey pictures can be seen on Instagram. The wedding is expected to be held in Bhopal on July 8 this year.

Divyanka Vivek Mobile Cover

The couple is leaving no chances to give each other compliments as well as gifts. Recently, they shared a picture of mobile covers. One of the them is gift by Vivek to Divyanka, with her name on it. Incidentally or purposely Vivek’s cover look similar with Dahiya written on it. When placed together it reads Divyanka Dahiya.

We are looking forward to the high-profile and most glamorous wedding of 2016 in the TV industry.

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