Heart Throbbing Salman Khan Shield By 1000 Cops In Muzaffarnagar

Mr. Salman Khan the legendry actor who worked in so many big budget films and all most all of them are in the 100 crore club, is now shooting for his upcoming film Sultan in a village Bihargarh in the Morna tehsil of Muzzafarnagar Uttar Pradesh. There the actor was protected by 1000 cops as the people of muzzafarnagar were getting crazy to get a one look of the star and soon the police came into action. Up’s Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has given strict instructions to the police that they should avoid the fans from taking selfies with the star and even shaking hand with Salman khan.

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The star came at late night on Tuesday with the amidst of tight security with 100 of cars. Salman khan is staying at a farmhouse in the outskirts of village, as soon as the news got viral fans started to roam around the area but anyhow they were kept away from the star.

The star was made to enter the farm house from the back gate with 20 bouncers accompanying him to the farmhouse was made open only for the people who are associated with the film.

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