Kalki Feels Desi

Kalki Koelchlin says that she “feels more desi” after receiving the award for special jury at 63rd National Film Award Ceremony at Mumbai. She says that,“It’s a really big deal for me. I think this is the most prestigious award you can get as an actor in this country. It makes me feel more ‘desi’”.

Kalki Koelchlin

Kalki says that it was very important for her to play the role of a girl with cerebral palsy. She also shared that the film was important for her as she got to learn a lot as an actor and a human being.


Kalki said, “It was an important film for me. I learnt a lot as an actor and a human being. The amount of practice I had to do for that film was incredible. It just shows that how much more work we can put into every film.”

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