Kashyap, Actor of Sallu Ki Shaadi & Love U Family Fame, is Riding High on His New-Found Success


Mumbai: If you have it in you, the film fraternity will sooner or later make a place for you. A combination of looks, talent and persistence is the new entrant, Kashyap, who was seen dominating the silver screen in 2017 with his releases Love U Family and Sallu Ki Shaadi.

Even if these two films couldn’t hit the high note in the metro regions, they performed exceedingly well in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. Kashyap garnered immense appreciation for his role in Sallu Ki Shaadi, which he claims to have done because he is a die-hard fan of superstar Salman Khan. The movie was trending on YouTube and Twitter both.

He is the son of Mahesh Barbhaya, lovingly known as Mahesh Jolly who was a well-known technical person in the film industry and also, a celeb & fashion photographer. Watching his father pursue his dreams in this industry, Kashyap grew up with similar ambitions of making it big in the film fraternity but, as an actor.

Having learned acting from Roshan Taneja and with a degree in Animation, this newbie is a multi-talented find with a keen interest in Martial Arts as well as dance. He has signed few new projects with various directors and seems to be riding high on his new success. Kashyap has started work on his latest movie in December alongside veteran actor Anupam Kher.

Looks like, eventually Kashyap has gotten his foot in the door and is getting the acceptance and love from the audience he always wished for. Kudos to this newest lad in the movie business. Hope it only keeps getting better from here.

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