New Show on colors – Karmaphal Data Shani

Hindi television is heavy on mythological and supernatural themes at the moment, so the latest show about gods, goddesses and demons is banking on its sets appeal to distract viewers from the competition.

The production design of Karmaphal Data Shani, which has gone on air from November 7, is proudly grandiloquent. The daily show (Mon-Fri, 9pm) traces the journey of Shani, the celestial representative of the planet Saturn and the volatile son of the sun god Surya.

Co-produced by Colors and Swastik Productions, the sets are located across a 65,000 sq ft area in Umbergaon near the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. Several TV show involving mammoth sets and outdoor locations have been shot at Umbergaon, including Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayanaand the 2013 version of the Mahabharata, which was also produced by Swastik Productions.


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