#Rally for River – Indore


Rally for river is started its journey from Coimbatore and arriving on Indore yesterday. Event Chief guest is our Honurable Speaker Sumitra mahajan Ji (Tai), Indore Mayor Malini Gaud , BJP National Secretary Shri Kailash Ji Vijayvargiya & Isha Foundation’s Shri Sadhguru Ji. 


Sumitra Mahajan, speaker of Lok Sabha

We belief that our rivers are life givers and we see that on the bank of rivers, villages and towns grew up and dwell there. Not just dwell, our seers, sages and yogis do austerities on the banks of rivers. And this is important. And such a Sadhguru has come to do a different kind of austerity to awaken the people. I think that Sadhguru wants our children to see flowing rivers. Watching them will keep their moods good. I firmly believe that Sadhguru’s words will inspire us and make us determined for the cause.

Kailash Vijayvargia, National General Secretary of BJP

We take this pledge in front of Sadhguru that we will plant trees, save our rivers and protect our environment.. Rally for Rivers – Save Bhata’s Lifelines. Who is this Bharat? You and I are this Bharat.

Malini Gaud, Mayor of Indore

I welcome and applaud Sadhguru here on behalf of all the people of Indore, who will take Rally For Rivers forward.

Sadhguru has started the Bhagirathi movement.

When I was young, the Kavery was 1 and a half miles wide. Now, it is just about the width of this hall. It’s important to understand the point while there still is time. We will get the point, eventually anyway, when it’s hone. But if we get the point now, there is a possibility of a solution. We need a strong policy that outlasts the governments. That will happen when there is string citizen support for this cause. No government can ignore a policy that has such tremendous citizen support. So the three things that you must do : Give a missed call on 8000980009. Those you know, you must ask them to give a missed call on this number. And those you don’t know, you must ask them also to give a missed call on this number.

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