TRAFFIC Trailer Launched

Traffic, this movie is directed by Rajesh Pillai starring Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta and Manoj Bajpaee.

The movie is a true story; it is all about saving life of a girl who needs a heart transplant and a boy who met with an accident who gives his heart before dying to that girl. Story revolves around how the transplant takes place as there is heavy traffic on the roads of Mumbai. A team of police work on this mission to help this girl struggling with life, fighting with the traffic and the hurdle coming on their way.

The trailer is amazing, as it gives all the glimpses what happens to a life fighting between life and death when they are on the road and stuck in the heavy traffic. This movie depicts how cops plan everything and take all the measure to ensure they deliver the heart in time to save an innocent life.

TRAFFIC Trailer Launched

We see in our daily life when there is an ambulance on the road nobody gives side, we are the people who can save a life and this plot is shown beautifully through this film. It will be very interesting to see what happens to this girl and how the cops deal with the traffic. The release date of the movie is 6th may 2016.


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