Game Over: Movie Review

Game Over is as common to Bollywood as love stories. But more often than not the revenge-seeking protagonist is a male. When the female species come to fore, we have often seen formula over fiction and skin over substance. Game Over isn’t much different from such films that dominated in the 80s and 90s. It has just upgraded to modern times with more passion and less compassion.
Sanaaya Savitri (Gurleen Chopra) is a sexy,  bold & beautiful, smart & intelligent girl staying with her Uncle(Ali Mogul). Sanjaya’s main purpose of living is only to loot the rich men who are old after her Uncle passes on the information of the rich men by posing as Insurance Agent and getting the details of the rich, old men, mostly NRIs whose wife is either dead or their children are staying abroad. In most cases, Sanaaya hunts for the old people who are staying alone. She makes easy friendship with Seth Girdharilal(Rakesh Bedi) and after skyping his drinks, she runs away with his cash, amounting to several crores. Then she does the same act with Rangeen Awasthi Rangeela( Rajesh Sharma) too.  Her game of life now becomes a game of gamble.  She plays the game very carefully with many old men but somehow she gets stuck in her own game. Her every step in the game leads her to a mystery where every situation turns into a puzzle. Sanaya’s own effort which was put to get rid of the game opens the door of next game and thus the game becomes more tricky and hard to handle. On every step to finish, the game takes her to the next level. What happens to her later? Why Sanaaya loots only the older men? The answer is told in the climax. 
The film largely relies on its female lead both in terms of its performance and physicality.
At the box-office, the film has lots of sex-masala for the masses who are mostly sex-starved and hence will find favour in the single theatres mostly and will do better in the interiors.  

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