Gurleen Chopra’s Open Letter for all the Producers of Bollywood


Dear Film Producers,

This letter goes out to all the film producers out there who believe in taking an extra step to promote their movies. The additional publicity I am referring to is the unnecessary and occasionally cheap publicity gimmicks that are pulled off right before the release of the film. This is not a new concept in movie marketing anymore. We, fraternity members as well as viewers, are well aware and acquainted with these promotional tricks. But, my question here is – Why do we need these tactics when we have big names, bigger talents and a meaty script to back a film?

I am definitely not against movie marketing and promotions. I love being a part of the entire process of movie making. Nowadays, promoting a film is as necessary as making it. Along with the cast and crew of my recent release ‘Game Over’, I went all out to market our film. But, I most certainly don’t agree on pulling stunts to get more attention to the movie. 

Some people are calling the sudden leak of some steamy scenes from ‘Game Over’ as a promotional technique used by its makers. Could that be? Maybe or maybe not. It isn’t just ‘Game Over’. Count some of the biggest releases and they have all pulled some marketing strings. What about Radhika Apte’s bathroom selfie before Badlapur and Mona Singh’s nude video before Commando.

Also, let’s not forget about Kangana Ranaut’s nepotism comment at Koffee with Karan just before the release of her film Rangoon and bringing back to life her ugly squabble with Hrithik Roshan before Simran came out. We always hear about linkups and breakups between star couples before their movies hit the theatres. All this has become a part and parcel of this world and also, garners rapid viewer attention.  

But, I will like to go back to my main question. All of these movies have a strong star cast and storyline then what is the point of luring audiences to the movies like this?

Game Over received some really good reviews from filmgoers and reviewers who commended me (Gurleen Chopra) for my performance in the film and for single-handedly carrying the film on my shoulders. They loved the story, the performances and all in all, the film, calling it a thorough entertainer. Now, if we go to see, maybe we could have done without those unnecessary and shocking leaks.

This is all in a friendly spirit and open to discussion.

Yours truly,

Gurleen Chopra

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