#ZebraBachao – Red FM INDORE

Red FM Indore the Bajaate Raho Radio Station of Indore did something awesome to create awareness about Zebra Lines in their city. Something wacky was done to drive the message home.

zebra4Mostly riders and drivers have a reckless streak towards pedestrians in India and hence RED FM came up with this jazzy setup to give a clear message to let the Zebra Crossing be for people to cross the road ! #ZebraBacaho

Gadi par hai toh Zebra pe mat Chad.. paidal hai toh Zebra Par Chal !

zebra1It all started with a listener calling on Morning no 1, the morning show of Red FM and talked abt a problem where people did not stop before Zebra lines and the people on foot were not able to cross roads. Due to this, various accidents also happened on the roads. The RJ foresaw 2 problems in this:

  1. People did not cross roads using Zebra line, they were all over in the middle of the road
  2. Riders did not stop before Zebra line. To bring home this point Red FM started with their unique concept #zebrabachao.

Post this the city made a shoutout for those squares of Indore which did not have Zebra markings.

zebra3Red FMs show was heard by City administration and they promised to paint 10 major squares of Indore with zebra markings.Indore also came to know that these zebra crossings were very expensive to paint… each square costing around 1-1.5 lacs and while the vehicle riders stepped on it… it gets faded!

Red FM covered the entire painting of the zebra lines stating to people that ultimately they are painted though our money only(taxpayers) hence #Respectzebra

The finale saw Red FM team with few kids in black and white attire dancing on a specially created zebra song at the newly painted Zebra crossings and grabbing peoples attention

The video has seen 20000 hits and arnd 400 shares so far through Indore Collector Mr P. Narhari’s page alone:


YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY8Pvs7ApUs

Collectors Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/narahari.ias/

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